Is Hypnotherapy for me?                                                                     

Weight Loss and Eating Issues

Hypnosis can simply provide the positive mind-set needed to make weight loss virtually effortless. But for a significant proportion of people, eating is not about physical hunger - food is their emotional support. That is why so many struggle, or can lose weight but not maintain the loss – the basic problem remains.

Eating disorders use food as a control or “weapon”, and are also generally a manifestation of deep-rooted troubles.

In both cases, hypnotherapy can help identify the problems and find a permanent answer.

Stop Smoking

Often (though not always) a physical addiction, but unlike most others, there may be little emotional involvement. As with weight loss and dieting, hypnosis gives the additional impetus required to do what is needed. 

Lack of Confidence/Self Esteem

Again, mostly a symptom of other difficulties, usually closely connected to feelings of self-worth. A very (un)popular reason for consultation, with favourable outcomes in hypnotherapy.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress

In the majority of people, anxiety, panic attacks or depression are symptoms of a deeper problem; the same, recurring reaction to situations which are an unconscious reminder of the original, trigger experience, often based in their childhood. Hypnosis enables the client to seek out the experience directly and quickly, giving them the opportunity to find a lasting solution.

Stress is an almost inevitable part of modern living; learning to relax, particularly in self-hypnosis, is an effective antidote.

Enhanced Athletic Performance & Pain Control

Hypnosis can help improve your performance. Regardless of the condition or circumstance that restricts you from performing at your peak, you can work to eliminate the obstacle through hypnosis. i.e. to eliminate pain of a pulled muscle. Special Considerations: Pain is a necessary and important condition within the body's system. When in pain the body relays the pain message of illness so that you can seek medical help. You do need to seek medical professional diagnosis before making a decision about what kind of pain control technique to choose.

Performance Coaching

Used for exams, driving tests, interviews, wedding speeches and more; suitable for specific, personal or business situations and one-off events. Commonly successful with only one or two sessions of hypnosis.

Phobias, Obsessions, Compulsions

Too many to list comprehensively, but include OCD and fears such as heights, flying, water, being sick, public speaking, snakes, spiders, dogs, failure, driving, claustrophobia, agoraphobia etc.

Mostly rooted in early childhood misunderstandings and therefore very responsive to hypnotherapy.


Drug and alcohol addictions are most frequently an escape, an alternative to dealing with the real problem. Addictions can also be indicative of psychological/personality disorders. Hypnotherapy allows exploration of the root-cause and provides an environment for self-healing.

This is not an exhaustive list; hypnosis and hypnotherapy are powerful tools for a multitude of concerns, ranging from simple relaxation, through irritating little habits like nail-biting, to serious psychological and emotional disorders.